LPS エレキギター用ハードケース GW-JM GATOR

人気商品の GATOR 【ゲーター】 スピーカー用バッグ GPA-715-その他


Rolling speaker bag for most 15“ speakers including Mackie TH-15A, Behringer EUROLIVE B315A and EUROLIVE B215A, EV ELX115P, And JBL EON305, 315, 515, and 515XT


  • Rolling Bag Designed to Fit Mackie Thump TH-15A and Similar 15“ Loudspeakers
  • Dual Zippered Design Allows Easy Load in of Speaker
  • Bottom of bag has structured foam to cradle speaker
  • Rugged pulled out handle and wheels
  • Rugged Nylon contruction with 10mm side foam
  • Large accessory pocket
内寸Interior Length: 724 mm
Interior Width: 470 mm
Interior Height: 406 mm
外寸Exterior Length: 775 mm
Exterior Width: 521 mm
Exterior Height: 457 mm
Exterior Weight: 6.35 kilograms


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